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Climate of Chile
by Wikipedia

The climate of Chile comprises a wide range of weather conditions across a large geographic scale, extending across 38 degrees in latitude, making generalizations difficult. According to the Köppen system, Chile within its borders hosts at least seven major climatic subtypes, ranging from low desert in the north, to alpine tundra and glaciers in the east and southeast, humid subtropical in Easter Island, Oceanic in the south and Mediterranean climate in central Chile. There are four seasons in most of the country: summer (December to February), autumn (March to May), winter (June to August), and spring (September to November).

Pacific Horticulture

An Introduction to the Geography, Climate, and Flora of Chile
by  Kathy Musial

“. . . we might describe Chile as a pleasant and delightful realm and, from whatever point of view we look at it, we can call it an earthly paradise.”

The Journals of Hipolito Ruis, Spanish Botanist in Peru and Chili 1777-1788, translated by Schultes and Jaramillo-Arango