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     Southern Chile Properties

About Us

Southern Chile Properties is a professionally run boutique real estate brokerage assisting serious buyers with quality investment choices. We offer mid to upper-end and luxury homes for sale as well as development properties and farmland. Our specialty is property in and around the beautiful Lakes District of the country. Our team of real estate free-agents lives throughout the greater south extending the firm’s reach into some of the furthest corners of the region.

The business was founded in 2010 by Martin & Jeanette Schnall (a husband/wife) from the United States. The team is committed to bringing the best quality & personalized service they can as a small company. Having built their business from the ground up, they developed a long standing reputation for integrity. The firm’s mission started out with an idea to offer a somewhat more unique & innovative approach to sales eventually devising a one of a kind customized web display page for each featured property.

Jeanette & Martin

Martin & Jeanette standing at their property Fundo el Sombrero, Panguipulli in 2010

In 2018 the company is in the midst of a joint venture with plans to expand the reach of their brand. So look in on us later this year and we will be bringing you more interesting and unique properties to choose from.

Until then,
Cheers from our team at SCP