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Square Metre Prices - Chile Compared to Latin America
by Global Property Guide

Average per square metre (sq. m.) prices in US$/€ of 120-sq. m. apartments located in the centre of the most important city of each country, either the:

Administrative capital; and/or
Financial capital; and/or
The centre of the rental market

Residential square metre prices published by the Global Property Guide are based on in-house research, using a simple method we systematically scan web advertisements, looking at offers for sale, and offers for rent, of resale apartments and houses.

Golbal Property Guide

Chile's housing market is recovering from VAT introduction, helped by low interest rates
by Global Property Guide

In January 2016, VAT of 19% was imposed on sales of properties in Chile by "habitual sellers" such as real estate companies, or persons who sell their properties in less than a year.

The VAT on new properties added around 4% to 11% to the price of new properties, making older homes more attractive.

House prices in Greater Santiago fell by 1.8% in 2016, due to the implementation of VAT and weak economic growth. Nation-wide home sales dropped by 34.3% to 53,309 units, with the biggest price declines for mid- and lower-priced homes (demand for high-end properties remained robust). Construction also fell, with housing starts down almost 36% in 2016.

However the market is now bouncing back. During the year to Q1 2017 home sales in Greater Santiago rose by 46% to 7,324 units, according to the Chilean Chamber of Construction (CChC).


International Farmland Focus 2014
by Savills

Investment in global farmland provides the opportunity for significant returns, but an in-depth understanding of the market is essential.

Welcome to our latest ‘International farmland focus’. Across the world farmland values continue to grow and farmland remains a top performing asset. Our Global farmland Index shows an average global annualised growth since 2002 of 20% – with the highest growth recorded in the emerging markets.

Many investors are seeking to de-risk portfolios leading to a wholesale re-evaluation of asset classes in an attempt to identify real and sustainable values. This drive towards safer investment is clearly illustrated by the substantial interest shown in the prime London residential sector, which now attracts investment from around the globe, the GB farmland market and of course the forestry sector.

The New York Times

House Hunting in ... Santiago
by Nina Roberts


This modern three-level house of reinforced concrete is built into the foothills of the Andes. Nearly every room has views of the city of Santiago and snowcapped mountains, as do the two terraces. The building has 4,435 square feet of space, four bedrooms, four baths, and a generous amount of natural light from large windows and a skylight.


Here's a Chart of the World's Cities by Price Per Square Foot
by Sarah Firshein

Over at credit/debit-analysis firm Credit Sesame, they've compiled a list of cool cities and outlined, clearly and simply, how much it costs to live there in American dollars. The group is bookended by Paris at the highest end ($3,287 per square foot omgareyoukidding) and Santiago, Chile at the lowest end ($180 per square foot); in the U.S. alone, NYC ranks most expensive ($1,068 per square foot) and Houston brings up the rear ($54 per square foot). The Wall Street Journal further breaks it down: "After all," writes real estate editor Matthew Strozier, "a homeowner in Dubai could sell and have basically enough to buy homes in Houston, Atlanta and Phoenix." In other words, buying domestically is cheap, right? Tell that to the guy who eventually scoops up the penthouse at new NYC luxury building Setai Fifth Avenue: that sliver of the good life is asking $4,067 per square foot.


Chile’s most expensive properties cost around 3.700 USD per square meter
by Elizabeth Osborne

The most expensive residential buildings per square meter in Chile are located in the Metropolitan Region’s boroughs of Las Condes and Vitacura. In these areas, properties prices are double that of other boroughs such as Ñuñoa and downtown Santiago.

According to the information from Collect GfK, the building Territoria 3000 - located in Las Condes - tops the list a square meter valued at 4,742 US dollars.

This 85,000 square meter structure includes a hotel, a convention centre, luxury apartments, businesses, a gym, and nine floors underground.