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Chile has the ingredients of the new agricultural economy
by Invest Chile

The quality of Chile’s agricultural exports is widely known. The main ambassadors of exports from the country’s countryside are bottled wine, fresh fruit, dry fruit and cherries. However, agricultural development and incentive policies are opening up new opportunities in Chile for investors from the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, together with functional ingredients and high-quality speciality natural additives.

In the last five years, these compounds, contained in food that grows naturally in Chile and extracted in technological centers, have made inroads in the market with a strong increase in their demand.

“Due to the richness and diversity of the country’s climate, soil and primary materials, it was evident to us that Chile was one of the countries with potential to produce them,” said María José Etchegaray, chief executive of the Agrarian Innovation Foundation (FIA).

Chile - Agricultural Sector

Exports drive Chile’s economy, concentrated primarily in copper and its agricultural sectors - fresh fruit, forestry, wine and fishery products. The agriculture industry is responsible for 28% of total Chilean trade, as well as 11% of its total GDP. Twenty percent of Chile’s labor force is engaged in agriculture. Agricultural industry has experienced 4.5%growth in 2018.

The Chilean food industry is one of the main productive activities in the country, with annual sales of $34 billion. Furthermore, 54% of total food production is sold in the domestic market and 46 percent is exported to more than 190 countries worldwide (Source: FAS-Exporter guide).

Production of healthier products uses new ingredients to produce new categories of products such as organic foods and those adapted to consumers with food intolerances, lactose and gluten free products.