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Southern Chile Properties is a boutique-sized family style real estate firm. Our office serves to fill an underserved niche market here in the region. For the most part a majority of our buyers are self-employed business owners and professionals from throughout Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada.

Therefore we make special efforts to offer property listings that will most appeal to this foreign demographic. But what are the wants and needs of this segment of the population you ask? Well certainly western investors first and foremost are looking at price point value. Gone from the real estate scene are the bubbly personalities of the past utilizing home equity lines of credit to buy their dream properties.

Now-a-days if the listing price seems overly high or speculative to them, they quickly move on. Many of today’s international buyers are well researched, pragmatic, savvy business minded people in search of an investment grade asset or monetary worth.

What happens when prices seem overly lofty is that buyer prospects avoid visiting these properties and shortly press on to other neighborhoods, alternate regions of the country or even completely different countries to find better values.

Price squeezing may have worked for sellers a few years ago but today it is translating into a loss of bookings to show properties. Without serious buyers in the pipeline, sales flatten and opportunities to push inventory are lost.

prick the bubble


There may still be legitimate hot spots of prices here and there but in general… we are now in a less than robust economic climate to turn-over property at those upper high-end prices anymore.

To circumvent this lagging interest we are seeking to list well positioned properties with motivated sellers. In this manner we aim to offer out well-rounded, quality listings with shorter turn-over time in terms of days–on-the-market.

Our goal is to help owners to sell at the market price and not wait around for the bubble top profits, and risk waiting too long. In this manner they can get-on with their moving plans but still preserve as much principal as possible; there-by assisting sellers to achieve an agreeable price point.

Ultimately retaining the worth and quality today’s buying investors are seeking. Hopefully a win-win situation!

So, if you are a like-minded seller, with an interesting, well-positioned property to list, please contact one of our brokers to discuss your situation.

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