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List with Us: Information on the process of listing your property with our agency.

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Home: Chile is the best country in Latin America politically, socially and economically. It has a family oriented culture, a diverse climate and many awe inspiring places to visit. The country ranks quite high on most international indexes and is a great place to buy property for those of you wanting either a hard asset investment or a beautiful westernized place to retire or expatriate to.

This is the page with our main menu and links to many informational pages, multi-media and articles across the board on topics of interest for users unfamiliar with Chile as a country.

About the South: It is a set of menus which assists users in getting a feeling for or overview of the south of Chile. We include a guide to cities and towns, maps of places around the locale, region and country; a lengthy overview write-up and charts displaying weather data.

City and Town Guides of Chile: This section includes the characteristics, attractions and features of the cities of Temuco, Coyhaique, Osorno and Valdivia as well as the major tourist’s towns of Lican Ray, Lago Ranco, Panguipulli, Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, Puyehue, and Pucón & Villarrica. Over time we will be adding more locations of interest.

Maps: There are local maps of the south of Chile as well as regional specialty ones which include amenities such as parks, volcanic zones and other sites of interest. In addition to these we include others featuring the town and city streets, major routes and highways around the capital city of Santiago, our national airport as well as country and continent maps which provide a frame of reference.

Regional Overview: Covers multiple topics to give readers a sense of what the area is all about. Topics include but are not limited to politics, seasons, temperature, climate, population and availability of education, health care and other important points.

Temperature & Rainfall: There are easy to read charts displaying the average annual temperature& rainfall for each major city of the country north to south.

E: Books and Media: Here we offer multi-media options for visitors to read in depth articles, listen to podcasts or watch video presentations on topics of interest about Chile.

Articles: In depth review and financial analysis, socio-economic, political and expatriation issues interesting to those consider investing in or relocating to the country. Covering but not limited to the following topics of economics, expatriation, facts and figures, investment, political landscape, and real estate…other categories as well and reporting of news releases covering current events or subject reports where experts write detailed reviews on a range of topics.

Audio: Recordings of interviews where people (experts/reporters/citizen journalists) discuss events (past or present) and opine on them and detail their impressions of the many various experiences they’ve had traveling around, working and living in the country.

Books: Multiple topics of interest for travelers, investors, retirees or students of Chile.

E-Resources: Long list of contact websites (with a brief description) for virtually every sector of the economy and various government offices.

Video: Promotional or just for fun, we can see the sights, sounds and impressions of the country.

Miscellaneous: Other information.

Properties: Here you can sort through our area listings and learn about the buying process here in Chile.

All listings: A searchable database of properties in the southern region.

Buying Process: An overview of the steps involved when you are ready to buy or invest.

List Your Property: A selection of information for sellers.

Service Area: Take a look at this map to see which towns in the region we serve.

Services: In this section we invite area home related business providers to advertise. These contacts are helpful for newcomers to the region to more easily locate particular field specialists in English. It is a good first-step for sourcing of offices for legal work, engineers, surveyors, landscapers, etcetera for these and other trade related services.

A few Words: Overview

Home Related Services: A directory of home related services advertised by regional businesses.

What We Do:

Listing of Property: About this.

Selling of Advertising: About this.

Who We Are: Founding partners, management, brokers and agents of our company…which was set up in 2010.

About Us: Basics.

Founding History: Our start-up story.

Team Members: About our individual free agents and their biographies.

Why Clients Choose Us: About

Why Chile: Why Chile is a good choice to retire to or invest in.

Rankings in Chile: Independent international organizations weigh in with their world line-up and comparative analysis.

Why Chile: A lengthy article overviews the country’s basic economic and political standing as well as its national identity written to cover the major points one needs to know when considering Chile as a place to invest, live, or retire to.

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Our Mission: Business goals and short mission statement.

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FAQ: Answers to generally asked questions.

News & Views: News articles.

Photo Album: See pictures of southern Chile.

Press Kit: Information for journalists.

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All Chile Biz Review button: A link to a pay for service directory/rating & subscription portal open to any businesses throughout all of the country.

Hunters of Houses button: A link to our page about televised programs where Chilean property hunts were filmed. The various segments feature a number of property agents representing various areas of the country.

Of special note is our 2013 HGTV (Home Garden Television) featured episode of “Back to Nature in Panguipulli” bundled with 9 other shows together as the Best of South America Season 1, available for sale on Amazon dot com. The story line is that, “Michelle aims to start a business consultant company and a farm in Chile”.

Directory of Southern Chile: A gratis (free) directory to local business & services in the southern region.

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