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Lithium Mining in Chile: Exploring the World’s Highest-grade District
by Investing News Network

This INNspired article is sponsored by Lithium Chile (TSXV:LITH,OTCQB:LTMCF). This article was written according to INN editorial standards to educate investors.

“Chile has dominated the copper industry for decades, supplying the world’s industrial economy with a critical material. The country’s vast lithium resources and pragmatic government policies are helping to ensure that the King of Copper can also reign supreme in this new emerging energy economy. Chile is working to develop and expand not only its lithium mining industry but its battery industry as well, presenting wide open opportunities for lithium companies in a market that until fairly recently has been hard to crack….”

World Policy Institute

Chile: A Potential Leader in Clean Energy?
by Cleo Abramian

On June 10, the Chilean government formally rejected the HidroAysén dam project, a controversial hydroelectric development plan that’s been on the table since 2008. The decision ends the greatest environmental battle in the country’s history.

The project proposed constructing five massive dams along Patagonia’s Baker and Pascua Rivers, two of the world’s largest remaining free-flowing rivers in a region many consider one of the last wilderness frontiers. The rejection of the HidroAysén dam project presents significant clean energy possibilities for the country’s future.

The dam project planned to cut a high-voltage corridor through 1,000 miles of endangered forests. It would have flooded just shy of 6,000 hectares of land. It caused outrage at both the regional and international levels, as it put local ranchers, gauchos, and the region’s delicate biodiversity at risk. Many feared it would have propelled the development of more dams down the line, oiling the gears of vast industrial expansion that has devastated many of the world’s pristine watersheds.