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Broker: Jim Dorchak

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Jim is a real estate appraiser from South Carolina in USA and he worked for several years as part of a high-end residential lot sales development team there. Sometime after the real estate crash of 2008, Jim and his family began to think about an out of country move. After a trip to investigate Uruguay some time went by with them eventually settling on Chile as their country of choice.

In 2013 they happily moved and settled here in a rural town, living a self-sufficient life and enjoying all that nature, the church and God have to offer. Their family works hard but enjoys gardening, raising animals, cutting firewood and doing all of the chores that being on a homestead demands of them.

Jim is very straightforward and direct in his relationships with others and people appreciate his honest and generous nature.

News Items:
The Dorchaks (Jim & Lori) keep up a fascinating blog Our Chilean Adventure detailing the story of the steps of their move here. A process foreign residents and soon to be expatriates can really identify with.

Business or Interests & Hobbies:
Besides working with Southern Chile Properties…they consult for families interested in making the move here. Additionally they operate a small commercial kitchen which produces artisanal sized (special recipe) BBQ sauce among other items.

Video Self Introduction:

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