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Broker / Owner: Jeanette Schnall

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Jeanette is from a small town in Massachusetts, USA & the owner of Southern Chile Properties.

Throughout the years she and her husband have invested in real estate owning and renovating eight distinct properties. They purchased their first piece of Chilean real estate in 2004 and had a house built on it in 2008.

They subsequently made the big move here in 2010 to work (with a partner) in the real estate field. Later on seeing that the special needs of expatriates buyers were going unmet they began turning their attention to marketing properties in a more creative, in-depth & accommodating manner for international clients.

In 2018 the company took a leap forward by affiliating themselves with some of the better brokers and key players in the region. By joining ranks with several hand-picked free agents they have been able to expand their field of services into the greater regional south.

More Background:
You can view her full profile on LinkedIn.

News Items:
She participated with Michelle LaValle in the TV show “House Hunters International”. The program was widely viewed and as a result packaged for sale in the Best of South America Season 1. You can purchase the episode “Back to Nature in Panguipulli” as an instant download on Amazon, through IMDb, Google Play or the App Store if you are interested.

Business or Interests & Hobbies:
Besides managing Southern Chile Properties, she is editor of the Local Business & Services Regional Directory of Southern Chile.

Her interests include photography, travel, gardening and making renovations on her latest property.

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