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Senior Broker & Business Manger: Hans Nappe

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Hans is Chilean but from German roots. His grandparents were among some of the early business people who settled in the south of Chile and built up places like Pucón. His grandfather installed the first electric generation equipment which provided power to the small settlement. The family’s education was very important so as a young man he was put through the in-country German school system in order to become bi-lingual.

Graduating with honors, he holds a commercial business degree and has spent more than 25 years in the industry. Real estate, insurance and banking are all part of his training and lengthy experience working in the region.

His associates note him as being very reliable and straight forward; Hans’s clients are always pleased with his honesty and high level of professionalism.

News Items:
Hans recently opened a new office in downtown Pucón. They will assist with the long term & day-to-day management of Southern Chile Properties.

Business or Interests & Hobbies:
Besides working with Southern Chile Properties, he is the property manager of Trufulco, a 100+ parcel subdivision in San Pedro. Additionally, he is a black belt in the martial art of Shotokai and takes private students by special arrangement.

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