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Listing of Property

Here at Southern Chile Properties our hand- picked brokers are also free agents. We are an eclectic group of diverse individuals from varying backgrounds. A mixture of North Americans, Europeans and native-born Chileans; though no matter our heritage we share the common goal of offering quality well-positioned property for sale here throughout southern Chile.

Our client list spans all ages and economic levels with tastes varying across a broad spectrum of likes. Yet no matter be they millennial or baby-boomers today’s buyers are all interested in value for price.

Beyond price point value our buyers are also seeking something a little unusual, special or with that just extra bit of pizzazz. So if you have a property (no matter large or small) with that certain something and would like to discuss the process of listing it online through this site please check with one of our member agents in your area.

They can be found here on our team member’s page.