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Just south of Lago Villarrica is Lican Ray. This small rustic town sits on the shores of the lovely Lake Calafquen. The lake is rather picturesque with surrounding snowy-capped volcanoes and it's water keenly dotted with jaunty little islands. It's a tiny town of 4,000 inhabitants with a really big summer vacation crowd.

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The summer crowds swell the roads with beach goers headed for the boat rentals and black sandy beaches. The town has built up a reputation as a relaxing place to do overnight camping, seasonal cabin rentals or area thermal hot spring visits.

Every first weekend in January the town holds Chile's largest outdoor barbeque. On that weekend the main street of town overflows with the smell of grilling lamb. And each year the feast grows in size whilst the title for world's largest bbq is maintained.

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The town's appeal is mostly seasonal, but seems to be starting to draw interest as a more year round community.

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