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     Southern Chile Properties

Founding History

The business was founded in 2010 by Martin & Jeanette Schnall (a husband/wife) from the United States. The team became committed to bringing personalized service of the best quality they could manage for a small start-up company. Having built their business from the ground-up over years and through working closely with clients, they developed a long-standing reputation for integrity. The firm’s mission started out with an idea to offer a somewhat more innovative approach to sales eventually devising a (one of a kind) customized web display page for each featured property.

MJeanette & Martin Schnall standing at their Panguipulli property in Fundo el Sombrero
Jeanette & Martin Schnall standing at their Panguipulli property

Jeanette an admirer of photography, decided for the best use of time management to take the company down the road of visual marketing. In this way the groundwork would be laid so that clients (over the internet) in far- flung places could experience a detailed virtual tour from the comfort of their homes. In this way by presenting with a large photo carousel, specification sheet, land plat and house plans a buyer can more easily discern the properties’ characteristics and quickly determine whether “that one” should be on their A-list or not.

Virtual Tour
“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Visual Marketing Explained

“Visual marketing is the discipline of creating a relationship between an object (for offer) and its appeal to the consumer by crediting an ocular-cognitive-interpretation of material. It is an art that demonstrates the appeal of a product through the highlighting of the strongest characteristics…presenting its features with visual-to-the-point imagery…and thus forming a link-in-perception or clarity of understanding.”

-A website quote from 2012

“A (Google Era), digital strategy that illustrates content & graphics the way our brain most efficiently receives & transmits information works best. In short it’s all about speed. It is the portrayal of material in a way which is more engaging and thoughtful in its design. A medium that, when presented in a clean, neat, and easy to read context is more readily & quickly processed…thus grasped with clarity by the mind.

-A website quote from 2013


Through the selection of eye-catching backgrounds, choice of color, ordering of photos, organization of data and ease of use with the technological interface…one creates a more appealing palate to present information to the audience.

-J. Schnall

The fact is that most people appreciate high style and clever ambiance but not to the point of illusion…and so with products they still want what they see. That’s why we have worked so hard on our website to deliver convenience & ease of discernability about what’s really being offered in a complete way…and in a manner that slices thru all of the usual clutter.

Virtual showings

The industry standard for a virtual showing is usually just a static set of randomly assembled photos stylized with an (in/out) focusing element that gives the viewer a feeling of movement as the gallery proceeds forward through the picture display.

At Southern Chile properties we bring this option to a higher level by overlaying the photography on top of a house plan. We then use an arrow, pointing to indicate which part of a room you are focusing on.

By photographing from varying angles and heights in a space the aspect of the shot helps your minds eye to get a better feel for the rooms and their connection inside of the house as the presentation moves along in a video style format.

Note: For featured property listings.

Photography & Panoramic Pictures

The use of a large photo carousel offers prospects the ability to have an overarching study of the interiors. The panoramic sets offer a wide-angle look at the outside of the house within the setting of its natural surroundings…thus giving the viewer another way to get a better feel for the listing.

Social Media

We are available on many applicable media platforms.


Research & Data

Chile land of opportunities<

We present a broad base of general information. There are articles & reports written by named authors, field experts and analysis of differing stripes... with information that most expatriates & foreign investors will find very interesting and useful.

Major topics of interest to people considering a move here include the national tax system, religious preferences, economic data, investing and doing business overviews just to name a few.

We present an excerpt on the topic of each article, noting the appropriate accreditation & links to the original pages so that you can read them in full if you would like to do so.

Chile weather chart<


The regional overview, climate and weather data, town guides, video library and photo album are meant to educate, inform and delight those of you new to South America about this country in general, and the region in specific…. and indeed give you a little but measurably taste of life here in Chile.

Present Time Summary

In 2017 when Martin began his retirement, Jeanette started thinking about options for taking the company in a different direction. Then early in 2018 she decided to change the firm’s business model, update the look of the website and have the programs re-coded with a mobile-friendly system.

During that re-launch period a plan was conceived to grow the company by bringing in partners; but without losing control of the content & quality of offerings. So it was decided to offer out some marketing space to agent affiliates. These members would remain free-agents rather than direct staff but be loyal to the brand.

A hand-picked group of better brokers would be able to network well, forming a cooperative group that each could benefit by. In this manner the firm’s property listings now reach further out into the region and our clients benefit by having more inventory to choose from without sacrificing quality.

Additionally by creating the home services pages and general market advertising directory this was a value added component for clients. As well as a boon for local businesses who could now reach out to find new customers from within the growing international expatriate sector.

Going Forward

As time goes on the company plans to stay current by adding to or upgrading their present systems and services.