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An excellent business reputation stems from a combination of knowledge, ability, experience and above all reliability and trust. Here are some of our references (which date back to 1988).

More available on request:

May 12, 2015

"My wife and I found Jeanette with Southern Chile Properties to be honest, hard-working, and thorough.  We met Jeanette while searching for property in Chile and as a result of those interactions we decided to place our trust in her.  Having found the property we wished to purchase, circumstances prevented us being in Chile for the transaction.   Jeanette took care of all the details including specifically directing us in the necessary paperwork in the U.S.  We simply followed her instructions and let her do battle with Chile's notorious bureaucracy.  Ultimately, we are the proud owners of a beautiful piece of property.  Jeanette is trustworthy and competent; we would recommend her without reservation. "

J and J from USA

February 25, 2014

"Everything went according to plan with the house purchase."

Lance from California

May 26, 2013

"Southern Chile Properties is the best. Jeanette is an expert realtor. She is honest, intelligent, on the ball, hard working, always on time, fun to be with, fair and kind to everyone involved, and knowledgeable in a way that allows one to relax about the whole process. I can not imagine a better company and person to work with, either buying or selling property in Chile."

Scott Milliken

January 31, 2013

"Jeanette Ellsworth is a very good broker who saw me through two long and at times difficult processes. She is unfailingly helpful, kind and unstinting in giving her time and effort to making the buying and selling processes if not a "breeze" at least less difficult than it could be. I recommend her to anyone either buying or selling in Southern Chile."

Woman in Southern Chile

December 14, 2012

"By far, the most professional team in the area. Also, they were very helpful throughout the selling process. They assisted with all the documentation and provided invaluable help before, during and after the selling negotiations."

Former Owner of the Property

November 16, 2012

"Wir haben Mitte 2012 über das Internet in Chile nach Immobilien Ausschau gehalten. Auf unserer Suche sind wir indirekt mit Martin und Jeanette Schnall in kontakt gekommen und haben auf ihren Internetseiten southernchileproperties ein Objekt gefunden welches unseren Kriterien entsprach.

Eine direkte Besichtigung iun Chile und ein Kauf dieses Objektes war durch unseren Wohnsitz in Asien und der uns damals zur Verfügung stehenden Zeit sehr aufwändig und so entschlossen wir uns für eine eher unübliche Methode, einen Kauf duch eine Vollmacht.
Eine vom chilenischen Konsulat unseres Wohnlandes beglaubigte Vollmacht haben wir an Jeanette und Martin Schnall gesandt und sie damit beauftragt dieses Objekt in unserer Abwesenheit in unserem Namen zu kaufen.

Martin und Jeanette Schnall haben diesen Kauf zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit abgeschlossen. Sie haben mit grosser Seriosität, Professionalität und Menschlichkeit nicht nicht nur vollständig in unserem Interesse gehandelt, sondern uns durch viele Informationen und andere kostenfreie Dienstleistungen auf unserem Weg nach Chile sehr geholfen.

Wir koennen Martin und Jeanette Schnall sehr empfehlen denn sie bieten einiges mehr als eine reine Immobilienvermittlung."

A.& S. G.

December 23, 2011

"To Whom It May Concern:

At 82, we have had lots of experience with buying and selling property during our lifetimes. That means we have had lots of experience with Realtors. We can't say all of it has been good and a lot of it was really awful.

Then we found Jeanette and her husband. We still have a hard time believing what good fortune that was. They took over a house that we had been trying to sell for 3 years. The house was in Chile and we were in the US. They made arrangements for all the work the house needed doing, inside and outside to make it a marketable house. We were constantly updated on the progress of everything that was happening with the house.

Then they put it on the market with their advertisements. Once they found a buyer, which happened in a short time, they worked tirelessly to affect an agreeable contract for both parties. There was no effort spared to insure the legal details of the sale were correct and in place to protect both parties. These are honest people with good work ethics and extreme reliability.

If there were a 10 star rating for Realtors, Southern Chile Properties would rate 15 stars in our opinion. They are really that good.

Yes- it would be our pleasure to talk to you in regards to this recommendation."

Phil & Joyce Castilloux , Washington State, USA, 360-985-0422

November 10, 2011

"What a pleasure it is to work with such a savvy, giving, personable real estate agent as Jeanette Schnall. Her service and personal attention is above and beyond our expectation.

Her knowledge of the local market and her key contacts in the community are invaluable. She has helped us in our search for our dream property and has greatly eased our transition to our new country making it much more stress-free and smooth.

She is always available to us for questions, is very thorough and always follows up. We couldn't ask for a better realtor to guide us through the process of buying in our new country and of relocating.

We are so very pleased with Jeanette and her expertise and we highly recommend her to everyone regardless of whether you are buying or selling. Anytime we or anyone we talk to is in need of buying or selling a house, we're DEFINITELY sending them to her."

August 8, 2011
"I am happy to give a hearty recommendation for the services of Jeanette Schnall and her business http://www.southernchileproperties.com/.
She worked with me in selling my house from across two countries.
I found her to be effective, accommodating, skilled and knowledgeable.
I would be hard pressed to find a better partner in selling my house.
Rex E Febus, Uruguay Wrestling Coach 2009 2010; current middle school Woodshop teacher Lubbock Texas."
rex e febus
806 470 6123       (Lubbock)
1 206 436 4841    (USA # for voice mail)
skype miloofcroton
September 7, 2010

"To Whom This May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Martin and Jeanette Schnall, real estate agents for Southern Chile Properties.

I have been a full time real estate agent since 1993, marketing and selling properties in the Franklin County area of western Massachusetts. Several years ago Martin and Jeanette Schnall contacted me in regards to selling their home in Conway, Massachusetts. Since that time, we established a wonderful working relationship and I was fortunate to have represented them on several real estate transactions. They both have always been attuned to the real estate market and made excellent choices when it came time to make their next real estate move. I always felt they should enter the field of real estate and I'm not surprised they have made the decision to do so.

Jeanette gives each home that special touch that is needed for properly staging properties which made a positive impression as buyers toured their home. She has an eye for decorating which will help assist making your home sparkle before it officially goes on the market. Along with Jeanette, Martin is extremely knowledgeable about construction and they both can repair most anything. In addition to their expertise in real estate, they both understand finances and what it takes to operate a successful business.

In closing, I would like to add that Martin and Jeanette are wonderful trustworthy people and you could not ask for better people to represent your best interest. They will go the extra distance to make sure you feel comfortable throughout the real estate process. I highly recommend them as your realtor of choice, you won't be disappointed."

Wanda Mooney, CRS, GREEN, GRI, SRES


From: Deborah Lord
Box 444
Chesterfield, MA 01012
"To whom it may concern:

I am writing in reference to Martin and Jeanette Ellsworth-Schnall who have been tenants living on my property for over a year.  They have continued to make improvements and positive contributions to the property consistently, including painting, care of the acreage, plumbing repairs, and so much more.  They are excellent tenants with so many skills useful in property management. I highly recommend them as fine human beings, honest, responsible, courteous, respectful neighbors. They have been a joy to have living here.   

Feel free to call with any questions."

Deborah Lord
The Accident Analysis Group
16 Armory Street
Northampton, MA 01060

April 14, 2004

"To whom it may concern:

Martin Schnall has been a valued employee of the Accident Analysis Group for more than 20 years.

His contributions to the company have been legion. His integrity is beyond question. His wife, Jeanette Ellsworth Schnall also worked at one time for the company as a valued employee."

Sincerely yours,
David R. Pesuit, Ph.D.


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