Fisherman in Llifen




Llifen is a small secluded town on the eastern shore of Lago Ranco. This is a very popular fishing area because of the concentration of steelhead and trout, which fill the local rivers. There are more than a dozen streams and rivers around the lake including Rio Cumilahue, which has a mandatory catch and release program. But no matter, there are plenty of rivers where you can catch and keep. The lake attracts a large number of Chilean sportsmen each year and local businesses are geared towards this sport.


Lago Ranco is the second largest lake in the region, covering over 400 square kilometers. This is an oft passed lake by foreign tourists favoring other areas, mentioned in the popular tour guides. Which makes it a great spot for those few people looking to get away from the maddening crowds and enjoy the beautiful views of the majestic Andes, high on the eastern side of the lake.





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